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Logan N. Stark

Executive Assistant
and Co-Creator


Molly Butler


"As an educator, it’s exciting to get the opportunity to step towards system-level change that could directly impact students in the classroom."


Jon Schlosser


"I chose to play a small role in this organization due to my core belief that how we look at history is always changing. It is up to educators and policy makers to explain our history as a nation from all angles, especially ones that lead us to uncomfortable conversations. That's what learning is all about."

"As a young woman of mixed race who grew up in a white rural community, I was let down by the standard curriculum. When discussing these failures with my fellow OHIO alumni I couldn’t help but become deeply passionate about providing a better standard of education for our country’s future generations. We must be knowledgeable of where we came from and where we have been to purposely and passionately move forward."


Paige B. Shoemaker DeMio

Founder and Executive Director

"As a high school social studies teacher, I have consistently been disappointed by the State of Ohio’s model curriculum for history. In the midst of a year like no other, I felt determined to find a way to make a change and promote diversity in my own classroom. This project has been so important to me as I believe with education we can change the world for the better and ensuring our youth are taught the stories of all Americans will bring us one step closer."

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.18.32

Abbey Koehl

School Outreach Coordinator and Co-Creator

"I joined the PUUSH team in order to change how future students are taught about our nation’s history. As an educator, I believe it is imperative to expand students’ worldviews through multiple lenses in order to cultivate well-rounded individuals."

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Janie Dulaney

Political Coordinator
and Co-Creator

"Sometimes it feels like you need to be in a place of power to make a change in your community. Through this project, I have seen the real ways that folks with enough passion and motivation can make a difference. As we teach the next generation of leaders and change-makers, it is important that students are learning true, representative United States history. Ordinary citizens can make a change."


Amal M. Afyouni

Special Interest Groups Coordinator and Co-Creator

“This experience has shown me that we do have the ability to change how future generations learn about our nation's past, and ensure that they are learning the unfiltered truth.”


Jake DeMio

Central Ohio Event Coordinator and Co-Creator

"As a member of the Cuyahoga County Corrections Planning Board, I am working daily to help find a way to minimize crime and find alternatives to incarceration. During my time working, I have seen large quantities of data that would suggest education is a major contributing factor to deterring acts of crime. This is why I joined in creating PUUSH, to give our youth the tools to accomplish their goals."


Nicole Morino

Social Media Manager
and Co-Creator

“There is an influx of leaders and moments led by women and folks in the LGBTQ+ community that I sadly only learned about during my graduate degree. I wanted to join the team in order to add a gendered lens to the curriculum as well as to learn more myself!”

Meet Our Team


Ryan Mick


"A rewire of our nation's history is long overdue. It is time to include everything. History repeats itself if left unchecked and that is more than evident in the United States and has been for decades. It was a privilege to be able to take part in this project and I really do believe in its power to make a difference."


Jessica Fowler

Graphic Designer

“I chose to volunteer with PUUSH because I like being able to use my design skills to make a difference, for an important cause.”


Andrew Orsburn

Web Designer

"The biggest reason I wanted to help this vision come to life is that I fully believe in its mission. It can be hard for young people to be empathetic towards those they do not learn about and have not been around. Educating them on such groups can lay the groundwork for a better future."

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