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Do you believe United States History education should include more honest stories about the country's history, as well as, stories that focus on Black, Indigenous, women, and LGBTQIA+ history? Help us implement the new PUUSH curriculum into Social Studies classrooms across the state of Ohio by signing our petition! 


Monetary donations are essential to helping us cover the costs of maintaining our website and sharing our work with as many classrooms as possible. We greatly appreciate any donations you are able to make towards our cause.

write to your representatives

Our efforts to implement this curriculum cannot be achieved without the help of other dedicated individuals like yourself. It is imperative that we lobby those with the power to change our curriculums to implement the new PUUSH curriculum. To make such efforts accessible to all, the PUUSH team has provided a letter template that can be used to urge your School Board Members, Superintendents, Board of Education members, and Local and State Representatives to implement the PUUSH curriculum. We encourage you to edit this template to further your request with any anecdotes or personal efforts you have made to make our education systems more fair and representative for all.


Looking to implement PUUSH in your classroom or volunteer with our team to help us further our mission?

reach out below!

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