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What We Stand For

Our Mission

The People’s Unfiltered United States History is a collection of work created by a diverse team of professionals. Our goal is to implement an inclusive and comprehensive model curriculum for U.S. History that will promote political competence and civic engagement through the accurate teaching of our history and its various lenses.


Our Goals

  • Develop an inclusive and comprehensive model curriculum for U.S. History that all students can see themselves in

  • Implement our curriculum in as many classrooms as possible

  • Promote political competence and civic engagement for our younger generations through education

  • Prepare students for challenges they may face in their post-secondary endeavors by amplifying their voices

  • Petition the Ohio Board of Education to adopt our curriculum as the state’s model curriculum for high school U.S. History

Our Story

In the year 2020, a racial awakening swept our nation. Throughout the year, every facet of American life was tasked with re-evaluating its efforts to advance the fight for social, political, gender, and racial justice, and our education systems and curriculums have not been spared. 

A secondary social studies teacher in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Paige Shoemaker DeMio, recognized the dire need for inclusive teachings of the United States History curriculum within our schools. While many teachers, including Shoemaker DeMio, have lead their classroom instructions with an inclusive and comprehensive lens (such as, encouraging thought provoking and difficult conversations amongst students regarding race, gender, and politics within United States History) it has been made clear that these conversations should become the new standard not in their classroom discussions alone, but in all set curriculums distributed throughout classrooms across the State of Ohio. 

In light of this, Shoemaker DeMio organized and led a group from diverse professional and personal backgrounds to advance this mission and to develop the People’s Unfiltered United States History (PUUSH) model curriculum. The team designed the PUUSH curriculum, which seeks to provide a more historically accurate and inclusive lens to United States History.


The ultimate goal was to answer the simple question:

Who’s history has been left out and why is it so important that we integrate it into our work? 

The redesign has answered that question by expanding on existing standards and including new standards and topics of history that were previously excluded. The goal for this project is to encourage high schools across the state to adopt the People’s Unfiltered United States History curriculum and teach United States history through a more accurate, representative, and transparent lens.

Our Mission: goals
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